I have always been interested in radio since I was a young boy and when I was little I would DJ on my own imaginary radio station “Kids FM!” using old vinyl and CD’s on my parents hi-fi system.

At the age of 14 I won a “day at a radio station” through a local charity auction. I spent the day at Rutland Radio in Oakham where I answered the phones, catalogued new CD’s, went into the field (literally) on a news report (it was the first day of the foot and mouth outbreak) and at the end of the day I presented my own pre-recorded radio show “Rutland Rewind”. I really enjoyed that day and it inspired me to get into radio further.

As soon as I became 16, I began volunteering at Hospital Radio 590 in Edith Cavell Hospital, Peterborough. Whilst there I would visit the wards gathering requests from the patients and then find the records in the vault downstairs ready to be played on the show later that evening. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience but it was sadly short-lived due to a house move.

Being 17 and unable to assist at Hospital Radio 590 anymore, I started my own internet radio station through a website called Stickam. On this I would broadcast online to friends and family over the internet. It was mainly school friends who listened and was very light-hearted and fun.

After sixth form, I began a three year degree at the University of Lincoln and signed up to the student radio station “Siren” straight away. I was allocated a slot on a Thursday evening from 7-9 and this is where “The Adam Howlett Show” was conceived.

Adam in his first year of University

Being presented with professional equipment and software, I would present the two hour show every week to much acclaim. I would get regular listeners from around the campus and even around the world. However Siren only broadcast online for my first year of University.

As I entered the second year, Siren was granted the first full-time FM license for a student radio station. With this, came a new name, “Siren FM”, brand new studios and equipment (including P-Squared’s Myriad playout system), and for “The Adam Howlett Show”, a brand new ‘drive time’ slot.

Every Thursday at 5pm I would present the Adam Howlett Show across the whole of Lincoln. Due to being in a prime time slot and having greater exposure, the show recieved greater listener numbers. The show grew from strength to strength gaining higher listener numbers and because of this I was offered to present the show more than once a week.

As I entered my final year of University I was being presented with greater amounts of coursework. I therefore only accepted the Tuesday and Thursday drive time slots.

Adam on air

During the show many games and features would be carried out, offering prizes to the listeners (the prizes were usually of no monetary value yet popular due to their novelty value!). For instance you could win a tin of octopus and a miniature helicopter by guessing how many pieces of dried pasta was in my tupperware pot!

Outside Broadcast

One listener in Essex even sent us a video showing us playing with his newly won miniature helicopter!

After University I carried out a short stint at Boston station, “Endeavour FM”, but as with Hospital Radio 590 this was short lived due to moving to Skegness for my job.

In my final week before I left for Skegness, I was given the opportunity to assist on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. I helped out on the Breakfast Show (answering phones, checking emails etc) and during the course of the day would research and record news items and also head onto the streets of Peterborough to record vox pops off the public. This was a voluntary work experience placement, but it was great to be part of a busy breakfast show.

I lived in Skegness for a year and a half and sadly had nothing to do with radio whilst I was there. I then moved to Manchester in January 2011 to pursue my drumming career.  After settling down in Manchester I applied to work for XFM Manchester as a member of the XFM Street Team.

xfm logo

I started working for XFM in August 2011 as part of their Street Team.

And in June 2012, I began offering my services weekly to the XFM Breakfast Show with Tim Cocker.