The Drum Kit, complete with electronic components

I own a jet black 6 piece Pearl Forum kit:
22″x18″ Bass,
14″x5.5″ Snare (Pearl Masters Custom Maple – Silver Sparkle)
12″x10″ Rack Tom,
13″x11″ Rack Tom,
14″x15″ Floor Tom,
16″x16″ Floor Tom

The resonant heads on all drums are the default Pearl ones, the snare batter head is a Remo Ambassador, the toms batter heads are all Remo Pinstripes, and the Bass batter head is an Evans Emad.

Drum kit diagram

A birds eye view diagram of the drum kit

22″ Meinl Byzance Crash,
10″ Meinl Byzance Splash,
14″ Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Hi-hats,
12″ Diamond Splash,
18″ Zildjian A Custom Crash,
19″ Zildjian A Custom Crash,
22″ Zildjian A Custom Medium Ride,
18″ Zildjian Oriental China Trash

10″ Drum Trigger,
Roland TD3 Drum Module,
Pearl Anarchy Crasher,

Tama Iron Cobra Single Bass Drum Pedal,
Tama Iron Cobra Hi Hat Pedal,
Tama First Drum Stool (with Backrest),
Stick Holder Clamp,
Stick Bag,
18″ Industrial Chrome Floor Fan,
Promark 5BW sticks / Promark Hot rods / drum brushes / cymbal mallets

LD Systems MEI 100 Wireless In-Ear Transmitter and Receiver
Westone UM2 In-Ear Monitoring Headphones
JB Systems MM10 Mixing Desk
All the necessary cabling