Adam Howlett

Hello and welcome to my personal website!

My name is Adam Howlett, I’m 24 years old and I am currently living in Manchester working as a professional drummer for DK Management, an ICT Technician/Teaching Assistant in a Primary School and I also work for XFM Manchester as part of the XFM Breakfast Show and the XFM Street Team.

I enjoy working in and have gained a lot of experience in the Live Music industry too, whether that be drumming or sound engineering and I also have a great passion for Radio Broadcasting. I’m the owner of the website “Muse Drums” which is a website dedicated to the drummer from Muse, Dom Howard. I regularly make tabs and videos demonstrating how to play along to Muse songs and as of June 2012 the website has received well over 290,000 hits.

This website is a place to document and correlate all my achievements and goings on in my life allowing for friends, family, colleagues, employers and anyone else who wants to find out about me to do so.